La Posada

AM 8:00 - PM 8:00

La Posada is surrounded by Izu West Coast’s famous Natural Beauty.

Hot SpringToi Onsen, Natural Hot Springs, Roten Bath.

Baths Open 24 Hours a Day.

Relax inside or in the Roten (outdoor) Bath.

Enjoy a cold shower after warming up in the onsen.

Odorless Onsen  works wonders on the skin.

Onsen Properties

Good for neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, frozen shoulder, 
motor paralysis, stiffness of joints, and bruises, and sprains.
Promotes health.
Properties Analyzed on:01/25/2001

Certified by: Shizuoka Prefecture East Area Health Department

Roten Bath Picture
Roten Bath Picture 2
Hand Made Jam

Homegrown Jalapeños


Pickled Jalapeños are a must in Mexican Cuisine. A multifaceted spice/side dish. Widely consumed in Mexico and the United States. Delicious on sandwiches, hot-dogs, hamburgers, salsas, quesadillas, muffins, bagels etc.


We pickle our Jalapeños with our own special blend of organic spices.

La Posada Jalapeños make a great gift. Our jalapeños are loved by our customers for their great flavor and fresh crunch.


For those with a spicier tastes, we recommend our Serranos Chiles.


PizzaHome Made Pizza

Each Crust is made from scratch so that it is crispy and filling.  

We deliver in the Toi Area and we cater to pickups. 

How to use La Posada to enjoy it even more.


Study CampBrush up on your Language Skills

La Posada staff are native in Spanish and/or English. Feel free to Brush up on your Japanese and/Spanish.


study camp
Yoga RetreatSpecial Retreat’s

Setup your mini Yoga Retreat using the nearby Dojo Facilities or a beutiful session by the beach. And yes we do cater to multiple food requests including vegetarian needs upon request.


Go FishingFishing is So Fun

We do cater to recreational fishing during weekdays and our off seasons.

Please inquire if you are looking for a place to accommodate Late Check in’s and/or Late Check Out’s.


Note: We are not equipped to prepare your catch.